About Mona Brookes, Monart Founder

Mona BrookesMona Brookes, founder of the Monart Drawing Schools, attended the Chouinard Art Institute, and received a degree in Psychology and Art from Pepperdine University. She developed the Monart Method in 1979 with children in conjunction with phonetic reading programs for K-6th grade. She received a California Arts Council field study grant, which showed as much as a 20% increase in reading scores.

Monart MethodThe Monart Method involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape families that combine to form all objects. By learning to view the world through these five elements and how to transcribe the information to paper, everyone, so-called “drawers” and “non-drawers” can learn to become artists in their own right and develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation.

This widely acclaimed method gives children structured information to improve visual perception and realistic drawing skills. Monart’s comprehensive projects provide the structure and knowledge necessary for learning and help build competence. Teachers report that students’ focus, concentration, and problem solving abilities increase after the first few lessons. Her books are written for both parents and teachers alike. Monart Drawing School’s “Progressive”, Academically-based curriculum stands apart from all other programs.

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What People Are Saying About Monart ….

The Monart Method has been recognized and appreciated by educators,
parents and the media since 1980:

“Mona Brookes’ well-chosen words and illustrations broaden our conception of learning in the arts and suggest ways in which the arts can contribute productively to the mastery of other disciplines.”

Howard Gardner

Professor of Education and Author of “Multiple Intelligence”, Harvard University

“I have used “Drawing With Children” as the required text for my Art in the Elementary School course for six years. Many of my students who are teaching in the elementary school have relayed to me how successful and exciting their applications of Mona Brookes’ methods are in the classroom.”

John Solem

Teacher, California Lutheran University

“The method emphasizes step-by-step guidance for drawing in a learning environment that is non-competitive and non-judgmental, where when pencil meets paper there is no right or wrong.”

Don Oldenburg

Writer, The Washington Post

“I knew the instant I met Mona Brookes, here was someone who was going to have a profound effect on my daughter and whose thoughts would one day be established as part of school curricula everywhere.”

Joanne Nelsen

Parent, Huntington Beach News

“Monart, a method of drawing developed by California art educator Mona Brookes, shows that anyone is capable of drawing. Brookes’ techniques have attracted national attention.”

Lynn Silverman

Director, Kennedy Center Events for Teachers

“I’ve watched the Monart Method gain grass-roots popularity. It works! It’s a MUST for teachers.”

Dr. Lucia Capacchione

Creative Journal Writing

A superb job of simplifying the drawing process, taking away the mystery and the terror. In all the years of giving and organizing teacher workshops, I never read more positive evaluations from teachers.”

Jean Katz

Special Education, L.A. County Superintendent Of Schools

“I have witnessed first hand the admiration, respect, and adulation that the public feels for Mona Brookes and her methodology of teaching drawing.”

Robert Evans

Administrative Director, National Children’s Museum

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