Monart Drawing

A Pathway to Increased Attention Span
and Academic Achievement.

What is Monart?
It is a realistic drawing curriculum that has enough structure for achieving highly skilled success and enough freedom for individual creativity.
What age is it for?
It is a progressive art curriculum that has information and drawing projects for 4 year olds through adult beginners.
Where did it come from?
It was designed by Mona Brookes from 1980 to 1982. It was originally designed at a private preschool in Santa Monica, CA where Mona was an art teacher. The method expanded throughout the United States and Canada into franchised Monart drawing schools, with art classes for all ages.
Is the method available for parents and teachers to use?
Yes, in 2010, Mona closed the franchise so that she could share the method with the general public, without conflict of interest laws. Her books Drawing With Children and Drawing for Older Children, the How to Use Monart training video, and endless drawing lesson plans are available on the Monart On-Line Store. The Pre-School and Home School Parent Teacher Manuals for Drawing thru the Alphabet and Drawing thru Geography are being used by hundreds of Home School and Early Childhood educators.
Do you need to draw yourself in order to use the methods?
No, the basics are very simple and literally thousands of non-drawing parents and teachers have achieved great success in using the books, the DVD training video, and the lesson plans, which are now available on the Monart Online Store. They learn along with their students and achieve fine arts drawing skills themselves.
Can I become a Monart School or a certified Monart teacher?
No. Since the closing of the franchise, it is no longer possible to use the brand name Monart. However, you can claim you are using the video training and lesson plans designed by Mona Brookes, the founder of Monart.

New Monart Training DVD!

Monart founder, Mona Brookes, demonstrates the necessary steps to teach the Realistic Drawing Curriculum described in her best-selling book, Drawing with Children. The two-hour hi-definition DVD is also available to watch online.

FREE Monart Basic Lessons Degree of Difficulty List

Mona breaks down the Basic Lessons into simple, medium, and more complex projects. Her recommendations are extremely helpful for determining the degree of difficulty of projects for your student(s).

Did you see our Spring Lessons?

This past Spring, we released 10 new lessons, including Hopping Bunny, Humming Birds, Chicks and Eggs, Monarch Butterfly, Blue Titmouse, Hollyhocks, Bluebells, Easter Lily, Golden Poppy, and Nasturtiums.

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