13The Monart Drawing Curriculum was designed in 1980 by Mona Brookes, the author of Drawing with Children and Drawing for Older Children and Teens, available now in 7 languages for ages K-12. The curriculum is an academic based Fine Arts Drawing Program that has been used by millions of parents and teachers with unequaled success. Starting with very Basic Drawing Projects, even non-drawing home school parents and classroom teachers can learn to draw along with their students and progress to Advanced Drawing Lessons. The curriculum includes a series of On-Line Progressive Drawing Projects and a DVD Training Course in how to use the Monart Method.

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New Monart Training DVD!

Monart founder, Mona Brookes, demonstrates the necessary steps to teach the Realistic Drawing Curriculum described in her best-selling book, Drawing with Children. The two-hour hi-definition DVD is also available to watch online.

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