Mona Brookes, founder of the Monart Drawing Schools, attended the Chouinard Art Institute, and received a degree in Psychology and Art from Pepperdine University. She developed the Monart Method in 1979 with children in conjunction with phonetic reading programs for K-6th grade. She received a California Arts Council field study grant, which showed as much as a 20% increase in reading scores.
The Monart Method involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape families that combine to form all objects. By learning to view the world through these five elements and how to transcribe the information to paper, everyone, so-called “drawers” and “non-drawers” can learn to become artists in their own right and develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation.
This widely acclaimed method gives children structured information to improve visual perception and realistic drawing skills. Monart’s comprehensive projects provide the structure and knowledge necessary for learning and help build competence. Teachers report that students’ focus, concentration, and problem solving abilities increase after the first few lessons. Her books are written for both parents and teachers alike. Monart Drawing School’s “Progressive”, Academically-based curriculum stands apart from all other programs.
Naomi Veroczi is the CEO of MB Publishing Inc, the corporation under which Monart School of the Arts and Monart’s Online eduArts Studio, operates. She has been instrumental in pivoting our school to an online format during a difficult economic period. This action has enabled the legacy of our world renowned program to continue forth. Diligence was required to source and implement technology and funding necessary for the new and challenging environment.
Naomi adapted our curriculum to work well within this new context, assuring the continued success of our students. Her strategizing conceptualized Monart’s Online eduArts Studio. The online eduArts Studio enables children, teens and adults from around the world to participate in an exceptional art program internationally known for utilizing the Monart Method.
Naomi has a diverse background in Psychology, Technology and the Arts and has woven these talents into a tapestry of support for our organization. In her spare time, she can be found hiking the trails of the Pacific Northwest, riding her bike, cooking elaborate ethnic dinners, roasting coffee, singing, songwriting, dancing and more.
Alexa Hudson teaches Drawing Fundamentals, Basic Drawing, Getting Ready and Drawing thru the Alphabet for Monart’s Online eduArts Studio. She additionally provides administrative support for our organization. Alexa was born in Lima, Peru and currently lives in Florida with her family. Alexa’s love for the arts started at a very young age whereby she found herself immersed in drawing and coloring almost daily. Her professional background is in management. In 2011, she decided to become an artist and began experimenting with acrylics and watercolors. Her body of work includes butterflies and floral paintings. Alexa’s art has been exhibited in curated art exhibitions, public art programs, and published within local art magazines. She previously managed, taught and owned her own art studio.  In her free time, Alexa loves to go to the beach and visit local gardens to find inspirations for her paintings.