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Monart® School of the Arts Art Teacher Training Information

Art Teacher Training – learn the benefits of our teaching certification programs designed by Mona Brookes, founder of the Monart® Method. 

Monart® School of the Arts by eduArts® (look for the trademark in our name) is the only Monart® that offers online art teacher certification by Mona Brookes Founder of the world renowned, Monart® Method. 

Becoming a Certified Monart® Teacher is an amazing opportunity for anyone passionate about art AND education. With the Monart® Project Lessons, you can help children improve their academic performance in reading skills by as much as 20%. As an instructor, you will have the chance to make a real difference in children’s lives, helping them learn how to focus better, improve their executive functions skills, and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

It’s important to note that learning realistic art this is something that everyone can do regardless of prior experience or ability level. Monart® courses are designed so students can progress at their own pace and be successful no matter where they begin. Whether it’s starting out with basic skills like drawing basics or supplementing existing knowledge with advanced techniques such as figure drawing or landscape painting, there is something here for everyone!

So if you’re looking for tools to enhance your own education while making an incredible impact on others’ lives through academic lesson plans and realistic art projects — look no further than becoming a Certified Monart® Teacher today! With this certification comes so much potential to make positive change in the lives of children/teens and adults!

Mona Brookes’ is the author of the internationally acclaimed Drawing with Children – A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too.  and “Drawing for Older Children and Teens.  To purchase either of these books please follow the links above.  

Mona Brookes’ “Drawing with Children” and “Drawing for Older Children and Teens,” are two well respected books on the process of creativity in regards to realistic drawing. In these books, Brookes highlights the impact of visual learning on children’s learning and development. With rapidly changing times, she emphasizes the need for parents, educators, and mentors to look at the current curricula and focus on providing the key competencies that will serve as a platform for future learning.

She feels that conventional teaching methods have focused too strongly on verbally delivered curricula, which only serves those who respond well to that mode of learning. This has undervalued children with natural visual competencies and those with average skills by not teaching them how to capitalize on their strengths.

Drawing, like speaking, is a natural form of human communication and can be used to directly access all subjects and support other modes of learning. The Monart® Method teaches key thinking skills in visual perception, visual-spatial organization, and visual attention to detail and is considered “fun” and “play” without the baggage of fear of failure.

The Monart® Method has been effective in helping children with learning disabilities, auditory processing issues, and English as a Second Language to acquire the skills necessary to excel in academic subjects, while also increasing their confidence and self-esteem.