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Part 2: Beyond Art: How the Monart Method Affects Academic Learning

For nearly 40 years, the Monart Method has helped children achieve success in some of the academic hurdles that color learning in our youth. Learning styles vary and one size does not fit all, making foundational skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic a challenge for some students to acquire. However, as we all know, when learning is fun, it doesn’t feel quite like learning at all! For the next few weeks, we will be sharing insights on how arts-integrated learning makes affects core-subject comprehension.

How the Monart Method can help your students with reading:

Year after year, Monart Method teachers have reported that using the curriculum 2-3 times a week helped their students achieve a 20% increase in reading skills.

1. “I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. Once a student trains their eyes to recognize the Elements of Shape, they can learn the alphabet 8 times faster. All letters and numbers are constructed by the 5 Elements of Shape and nothing else. The Monart Method starts with mastering these shapes to help students recognize the patterns in the words they see and the objects they wish to draw.

2. Build bonds, increase engagement. When a student draws a character from a book, they are able to connect with the story on a different level. Through drawing, a child brings a book to life and builds a bond through their own interpretation and imagination. The more engagement your student has with their story, the more likely the are to read it again and again!

Interested in incorporating the Elements of Shape in your reading lesson? Visit our lessons page to view a sample Elements of Shape lesson plan.