Getting Ready Replay - Wednesday 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Hello Everyone!

Here is the link for today’s class… Please DO NOT let your child/teen/self work on the Warm Up sheet until instructed by the teacher.  😉  Thanks!
Printout Sheets – (click on the pdf file below to download this week’s Handout Sheet and Warm Up sheet):
We are requesting that you help us by sending a photograph or scan of today’s class drawing to  Please send this AFTER class (even if not “done.”) We review each and every submission and adjust our classes based on what we are witnessing.
Happy Drawing!
Mona and the Monart Crew!


PS for new folks – follow these steps and go slow  😉

Click on the red link above

Click on REGISTER in lower right hand corner

Enter student name and parent/student email 


Click on webinar link

Wait for Class to start

Click on large arrow to begin class

(Class will start promptly at 1:30pm HKT)