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Mona Brookes is offering her “Monart Draw and Learn” In-Service Training classes for teachers in her Berkeley Monart Drawing Studio. Hundreds of teachers have taken this workshop over the last 30 years and highly recommend it to their fellow teachers. This weekend workshop will be offered periodically. It is open to Public, Private and Charter School Teachers. Parents are also welcome.


Author of Drawing with Children

Drawing with Children CoverFounder of Monart Drawing Schools

2 DAY “Monart Draw and Learn” Teacher Training Workshop:

  • For Public or Private School Teachers, and Home School Parents and Teachers.
  • Geared for teachers who wish to integrate the Monart Method and the eduArts Drawing thru the Alphabet program into the classroom.
  • This class is introductory and will not qualify one to charge tuition for art classes.
  • $150 fee for the 12 hour weekend workshop. 1 CEU unit with Loyola University.


IMPORTANT: There are no more In-service workshops this year. We will schedule workshops for next Summer 2016.

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This course is a 12 hour hands-on workshop that is accredited through Loyola University, and 1 CEU credit is available for those teachers that wish it.  The class includes training in how to integrate the Monart Drawing curriculum and the Drawing thru the Alphabet program into the classroom.

All the lessons in the course are academic based.  They cover the subjects of Reading, Writing, ESL, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Geography. Even teachers who feel insecure about their drawing ability go home feeling confident to use the materials and curriculum in their classrooms.

DESCRIPTION OF CLASS: Is geared for elementary school teachers, parents, and homeschool teachers. Because the participants are often non-drawers and simply want to add a little Monart to a full curriculum of other subjects, the workshop thoroughly covers how to understand the method and use the types of projects designed for pre-school through elementary school children. The philosophy of the method and how to understand the classroom management and student needs is gone over very thoroughly and modeled by Mona. The participants receive hands-on guidance through several drawing projects; covering the academic connection to reading, ESL, science, social studies, math, and geography. Because they are often insecure about drawing they are allowed time to work on each drawing and undergo the same process that their students will be experiencing. The course covers a unit on how to make projects that can be integrated into the other subjects that teachers wish to cover. There is enough repetition to achieve the kind of success that builds confidence and everyone goes home feeling inspired to jump in and learn along with their students. Project materials and back up teaching guides are available for purchase at the class.

IMPORTANT: In order to enroll for this $150 class, you will need to fill out our pre-registration form and schedule a phone interview with Mona Brookes.

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