Mona Brookes, creator and founder of Monart, has always been at the forefront of art education. As the small business model of the Monart School chain has evolved, the franchise program has been replaced with a more practical solution in the current economic climate. She has designed several new program options that you will need to discuss with her before enrolling in this class.


Author of Drawing with Children

Drawing with Children Cover

Founder of Monart Drawing Schools

Internship Training Course

  • Geared for individuals who offer private classes for tuition fees, public or private school teachers, and home school parents.
  • Comprehensive internship with observation of and working with students.
  • Registry of your business on the eduArts/Monart website, as having completed the training and access to use of the new curriculum materials.
  • Length of workshop flexible. Usually 4 to 6 days depending upon particpants enrolled.

LOCATION OF COURSES: Berkeley, California, U.S.

IMPORTANT: In order to enroll for this class, you will need to fill out our pre-registration form and schedule a phone interview with Mona Brookes.

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If you are interested in this personal internship with Mona Brookes, she will be scheduling a Skype or telephone call with you to discuss the course and your needs. In the meantime, here is some information about the course.

This internship is geared for individuals who offer drawing classes to their community. Some individuals will be offering many arts related subjects but this Internship Course will only cover Mona’s Academic Based Drawing Curriculum, which includes the Monart Drawing Method and the Drawing thru the Alphabet program. Lesson plans.  Lesson Plans and Workbooks will be available for purchase at the class.

The course will cover:

  • Understanding the philosophy and setting up a classroom environment.
  • How the program can fit your personal choice of location and age groups.
  • Hands-on experience in using the curriculum, from a project base of lesson plans for 3 year olds through adults.
  • Experience in how to use a full range of drawing media, and suggestions on purchase of art materials and supplies.
  • Observation of Mona teaching classes.
  • Role-playing sessions in which you teach classes and receive feedback from Mona in how to achieve success with various kinds of projects.

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