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Drawing With Children – Tenth Anniversary Edition

By Mona Brookes

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Now in a revised and expanded edition, this perennial best seller is the definitive guide for parents and teachers on how to teach children to draw realistically.

Monart’s approach has yielded astounding results with children of all ages and beginner adults. Founded on the belief that anyone can learn to draw realistic pictures if given a safe and non-judgmental environment and basic technical information.

This edition includes two additional chapters explaining how to reach children with learning problems or special needs, and how to incorporate drawing in the teaching of other subjects, such as mathematics, language arts, science, environmental awareness and multicultural appreciation through social studies and geography.

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Drawing for Older Children and Teens  – A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too

By Mona Brookes

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For children over nine through adult beginners, this book expands on the basic information in Drawing With Children, and takes you into the world of more advanced drawing projects.

This book provides a complete course for older children, teens and adult beginners. The practical lessons are illustrated throughout by the students of the Monart Drawing Schools, with a few inspirational stories they share with you.

Discover the many different styles you can choose to draw in and how to develop your own personal style. You will learn the basics (from buying art supplies to planning your compositions) and all the good stuff – proportion, scale, perspective, contrast, shading, and special effects. Lastly, it provides essential information on drawing the human form, still life, landscapes, and buildings.

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