New Monart Training DVD for Parents and Teachers

(also available as an online video subscription)

Get Hooked on the Monart Teaching Method!

In a two-hour DVD, Monart founder, Mona Brookes, demonstrates the necessary steps to teach the Realistic Drawing Curriculum described in her best-selling book, Drawing with ChildrenThis wonderful ten chapter training program is the perfect guide to using Mona’s booksacademicbasic, intermediate and advanced Monart lessons for children and adults – all sold online in the Monart Store!

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All 10 Chapters on a Single DVD
  • Discover why the internationally acclaimed Monart teaching method has been a proven means of educating children and adults through art.
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Watch Videos Online

Limited Lifetime Subscription Offer!
  • For a limited time, we are offering lifetime access to HD formatted streams of the DVD. Watch online on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • This summer, get 10% off the subscription. Use the code LOVEART at checkout.

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