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AMAZING BIRDS – ZOOM SUMMER DRAWING CAMP #1 Monday July 6th – Friday July 9th 9:00am -12:00pm PST (4 day camp) – limited time early bird pricing

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This  Summer Camp is geared towards students interested in learning about Birds.  We will be drawing a wide variety of birds!

Students will be encouraged to leave their cameras on so that they can easily ask questions and so that the teacher can monitor and interpret their needs in real time.

There will be a 20 minute break halfway through the class period so students can stretch and get a quick snack.  We will also do periodic exercises to help with focus, attention and eye health.

Students quickly learn to recognize the elements of shape and are introduced to various choices of how to interpret the lesson, in their own creative rendering of the subject and background.  The will learn various techniques such as outlining, coloring, proportions, media usage, etc.  Their will also be an educational learning component to our lessons.  That’s why we also call ourselves eduARTS®

Please note: This summer camp will take place in the Zoom Classroom Format.  You will receive class link information approximately 3 hours prior to the first class.

Media: Graphite Pencil, Black Papermate Pen, Colored Pencils and/or Markers

All Summer Camp purchases are completely non-refundable. If you miss a session we will create and issue you a video recording so you don’t miss the class.