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Drawing Thru the Alphabet Class Registration – New LOW Pricing

From: $25.00 / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee

Suitable for ages 4 and up, including ESL students! Please note: Some 3 year olds are able to participate successfully.

Pre-recorded classes are streamed  – one new class each week.

Each class is one hour long

You have the flexibility to choose the day and time that works best for you.

The classes cover the full alphabet, from A to Z on a rotational basis.

You can join anytime, as our classes are ongoing. Prices are for a monthly tuition subscription. START AT ANY TIME! 


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This class, titled Drawing Thru the Alphabet, is a Monart Drawing Program that helps students with reading readiness, letter recognition, handwriting, concentration, and problem solving.
This program puts an emphasis on how to read and write the alphabet letters, form and draw words from those letters, and achieve the eye/hand coordination that would allow a student to achieve mastery over legible handwriting skills.
Of course, we have included the fun of drawing characters and objects that represent the phonetic sounds of the alphabet letters and words to be learned. It is our experience that the drawing component adds a profoundly higher degree of engagement by students than the traditional methods used in learning how to read and write.
This is geared toward the attention span and motor coordination of 3 to 7 year olds and older ESL students. Students work on their ability to recognize the elements of shape and combine them in drawing the alphabet and objects from their world.
At the end of each class students will be encouraged to take a photo or scan of their drawings and handwriting and send them to: [email protected] so that we can better assess the lesson modality and how it is translating to the individual students. This will enable us to tailor our lessons more closely to the student’s needs.
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Art Supplies

Here is a list of the art supplies required for this class. Please be aware that substituting with different brands will likely lead to less satisfactory results.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens Medium Point Black

Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black

Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Pad, Medium Surface, 9"x12", Glue Bound, 50 Sheets

Prismacolor 3596T Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core –

Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers Fine and Chisel Tip –