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Entire DTA Set 2 Lesson Set (all 35 DTA Set 2 lessons)



ALL-NEW 35 lessons, representing the major phonetic sounds for the 26 letters.

  • Each lesson has a drawing of an object or character that starts with the letter’s sound.
  • Each lesson includes Masters, which you can print out as needed.

* Parent/Teacher Manuals Not Included

Pages for Drawing thru the Alphabet Lesson Plans

Each lesson includes the following Masters, which you can print out as needed:

  • A fact sheet which gives information about the subject to be drawn and a  recommended book that can be purchased to go with the lesson.
  • 2 warm up sheets, one with and one without tracers, to practice the letter in a handwriting grid and a simple black lined drawing of the object for practicing the main subject of the lesson in a blank square.
  • A full color photo, or drawing, of the subject, for the teacher to use as a sample.
    A dimmed copy of the subject, with a superimposed black lined drawing on top, for the teacher to use as a guide to teach the step by step drawing with students.
  • Several resource photos of the subject for inspiration and variety of results.
  • An extra word and letter practice sheet, with 5 subjects that start with the sound.
  • A sentence formation exercise that encourages “silly” sentences using many words that start with the sound of the letter.