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Entire Multi-Level Lesson Set (all 15 Multi-Level lessons)


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MULTI-LEVEL: A Two-for-One Format for very little difference in price

  • Expanded lessons for parents or teachers of students with various ages and skill levels.
  • Step-by-step specific instructions on how to use a lesson with 2-3 different warm up exercises and media.

20 or more pages include:

  • Fact Sheets about the subject
  • Supplies needed for different versions of the lesson
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Black Line samples to use for step-by-step demonstrations, with younger or older students.
  • A “Map” of how to break down the drawing of the subject into a sequence of logical steps
  • Instructions on how to encourage independent and creative interpretations for older or more skilled students
    Different finished versions depending on complexity of subject and background choices
    Many resource pages for creative interpretations and independent background ideas
    Enough information to use for expanded Summer Drawing Camp lessons.