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The Monart® Website Gets Refreshed

Today the Monart® School of the Arts website received a big refresh! We have a lot more to show for it than just exciting new colors and branding! Although, we think that is pretty cool in and of itself! 😉

Our content has been updated and will continue to be updated as we move into this next phase of up leveling our offerings! Miss Mona will start contributing on deeper and more frequent level to our Blog area, so look forward to some new and exciting content for art teachers, students, parents and educators!

Once upon a time… before there was Monart®… Mona Brookes sat down and to unravel the mysteries of teaching realistic art. This IS Mona Brookes’ website. She invented the Monart® Method and this is HER Monart® School of the Arts. Other Monart schools do not own our trademark nor are they affiliated with us despite the fact that some of them have been copying endorsements off the back of Mona Brookes internationally acclaimed book “Drawing with Children” and posting them on their business websites, as if these endorsements were made for them. They weren’t. 😉

EduArts® is a trademark that Mona Brookes owns as well. The eduArts® trademark delineates the power of her concept to find the perfect blend between Education and Art. You will see this trademark on our web site, project lessons and other offerings as a way to know that you are receiving insights and products directly endorsed by the founder of the Monart® Method.

Lastly, we wanted to say, that if you have ever considered becoming an art teacher…. it’s never too late to learn!  Our Certified Monart® Teacher Training program works!  We give you ALL the tools needed to succeed.  This includes helping you to build the confidence and learn skills that will help you to master the classroom environment and help your students to achieve the results they want.  To learn more about the our program, take a peek at our art teacher training benefits page!

We look forward to serving a new generation of students and teacher trainees! Thank you for joining us!