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Apply to the Monart® School of the Arts Teacher Training Certificate Courses!

Our online art teacher certificate program is the perfect solution for those looking to start or enhance their art education teaching career and potential to earn extra income. Our program offers comprehensive teacher training for those who are passionate about art education and want to expand their career opportunities. The certificate program not only prepares you to become a certified art teacher, but also trains you to teach our proprietary projects. Whether you’re seeking a new career or want to supplement your retirement income, this program provides the tools and resources you need to create art teacher jobs and advance your art education career. Don’t miss this opportunity to train for a fulfilling and fun career as a Certified Monart® Teacher.

The Monart® Method was created by Mona Brookes.  It involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape that combine to form all objects. Students can develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation and become an artist in their own right, regardless of whether they are considered a “drawer” or a “non-drawer,” by learning how to view the world through the five elements and how to transcribe that information onto paper.

This widely acclaimed method gives children structured information to improve visual perception and realistic drawing skills. The comprehensive projects provide the structure and knowledge necessary for learning and help build competence. Teachers report that students’ focus, concentration, and problem solving abilities increase after the first few lessons.  Monart® School of the Arts “progressive,” Academically-based curriculum stands apart from all other programs.

Program description and associated fees are as follows:

Certified Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course - Program fee $1150

This course is the foundation of our program and can be taken as a stand-alone unit.  It is geared towards the mastering of teaching realistic drawing, to beginning students.  This course is the prerequisite for all other Certified Monart® Teacher Training Courses.   This course will enable the trainee to understand and master the fundamentals of the Elements of Shape and how it relates to the presentation of our Basic Projects utilizing the Monart® Method.  We will cover the training, tips, techniques and more.

Early Childhood Certified Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course - Program fee $950

This course offers advanced training in mastering the teaching principles necessary to support students, age 3 thru 8.  It is also appropriate for ESL students.  Applicants will receive an in depth understanding of our proprietary Drawing thru the Alphabet and Drawing thru Geography Projects.  Early Childhood learning principles will be presented to ensure success in adapting our curriculum to unique and challenging classroom situations. This unit has one prerequisite which is the Certified Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course. 

Intermediate Certified Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course - Program fee $950

This course offers advanced training to enable the recipient to have the highest level of mastery in understanding how to teach the Monart® Method to upper-level AND multi-level age groups.  It addresses the psychology of success and resource allocation such as art supply procurement, classroom setup, effective advertising strategies, and client communication techniques. It is additionally beneficial for individuals seeking to establish their own independent art classes beyond traditional academic settings, or even for those looking to persuade educational institutions to broaden their existing art curriculum. This course offers even more support to increase confidence, confer an in depth understanding of various intermediate/advanced projects, teaching situations and media usage. This unit has one prerequisite which is the Certified Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course

Advanced Certified Monart® Teacher - This is a title that is bestowed upon anyone graduating from all three of the aforementioned courses.  

Discount Pricing - Program fee for all three Certificate Courses - $2650

This reduced pricing has been made available for those individuals making the commitment to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Monart® Method by signing up for ALL three of our courses, listed above, at once.  

All Certified Monart® Teachers with an active membership are eligible to purchase Monart® Project Lessons in our online store commensurate with training as outlined in Program Agreement.

5 years of membership fees are waived for graduates of the Advanced Certified 
Monart® Teacher Training Certificate Course signing up with our Discount Pricing.

Payments as low as $64 a month with 0% financing upon approved credit!!!